Just a quick note to say the patch has moved out of beta and into 1.0 release status. If you were holding off on playing the game for fear of bugs, it’s now safe to come in the water. Get it here! All major issues have been resolved, all known typos fixed, and we’ve ported the script over to the SNES and PSX versions. (Okay, that last one’s a lie. But you know… keep the dream alive?)

Thanks to everyone who’s kicked the tires on the patch during the beta period. Each bit of feedback helped make the game a little bit better, and we appreciate all of it. We’ll continue to update the patch as necessary, of course, but we feel like it’s reached a pretty solid state at this point.

As for the future, the team’s already settling into its next TL project. More to share on that in the coming weeks and months, once we’re sure things are headed in the right direction. Suffice to say, the title we’ve chosen makes a whole lot of thematic sense when considered alongside Kamaitachi no Yoru.