Latest version: 1.0




Release notes

    • This patch is intended for and has been tested on ver 1.00 of the Kamaitachi no Yoru: RInne Saisei Windows JP release only. Playtests were done under Windows 10, but the patch should work on all OS versions that meet the game’s requirements.
    • Even unpatched, the Rinne Saisei engine is a bit flaky. Although rare, crashes will happen. None of this is surprising, of course, since Rinne Saisei is essentially a giant mod that’s been grafted onto Lovely x Cation, another MAGES. visual novel. When you dive into the Rinne Saisei source code, you end up finding huge chunks of unused Lovely x Cation scripting, image assets, UI elements — you name it. Maybe we should be surprised the game works as well as it does?
    • If you get bitten by one of these crashes, don’t worry too much. Between the game’s built-in flowchart and aggressive autosaving, you can get back to where you were in under a minute.

Known issues

    • When doing a lot of zipping around the flowchart, you may find that the story refers to you making slightly different choices than you remember. This bug is also present in the JP release, and was commented upon by Japanese reviewers at the time. Thankfully, it’s limited to small amounts of flavor text. While it’s something we’d love to fix, the behavior is wired deep in the logic of the game. So call it a stretch goal.


Version History


    • Initial release after beta test.